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Rescue Puppy

Little Farm Kennel Welcomes You

About Little Farm Kennel

Little Farm Kennel is proud to provide top-notch care for your special family dog.  Our focus is on creating a kind, respectful and healthy environment, and we strive for only the highest attention to these goals.  And, with just 24 suites, we are able to focus our time and attention to the needs of all of our guests. With over twenty years of successful business, Little Farm Kennel understands how best to take care of your pup and to provide them with a home away from home.

$40.00 flat rate per 1 dog, each additional dog is 50% off in a shared suite. All rates are all-inclusive. We don't charge extra for administering medication, playtime, late-night potty breaks, etc.
*Please note, we do not offer nor do we accept any coupons*
*The prices below assume the dogs are in a shared suite*

2 Dogs

$60.00 daily

3 Dogs

$75.00 daily

4 Dogs

$90.00 daily

Holiday Schedule

Hours of Operation

Drop Off & Pick Up Hours:

8:00 - 10:00 AM 

4:00 - 6:00 PM 

(Weekends included!)

*We welcome you to come visit us for tours or inspections during the above hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

We are closed for drop-offs, pick-ups, and all visits during the following holidays:

Easter Sunday

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day


Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

4:00 - 6:00pm on December 31st

8:00 - 10:00am on January 1st

Please note that we do not open during non-business hours under any circumstances.

Our Superior Care

Little Farm Kennel has been succeeding in business for over twenty years. This vast level of experience provides us the key to give your furry family member an unbeatable boarding experience. Each guest is boarded in their own suite (with their siblings if any) and goes outside for playtime at least five times daily!

Black Dog

Superior Sanitization

Each one of our suites are cleaned and sanitized daily. Our cleaning method makes certain excess moisture is eliminated preventing mold form forming. We also utilize UV light filtration within our HVAC system to kill 99.9% of bacteria. 

Lazy Dog

Sound Reduction & Relaxation

The individual rooms are designed to maximize sound reduction and relaxation. Each suite is separate from the other providing a more relaxing environment. During the day, we play calming music for our guests.

Dog Running

Individual Suites and Outdoor Runs

We have 24 individual suites that are designed to provide your furry friend with the upmost comfort. The only metal component is the gate to ensure safety. Our four outdoor runs provide the optimal environment for playtime and exercise. Each dog is let out at least five times a day for all the running around they can manage!

Things To Bring


Vaccine Records

Please bring a copy of your dog's vaccines information. These can be texted or emailed to us! 

Make sure the clearly show the following vaccines:





Food From Home

Please bring the food your furry friend is accustomed to from back home. This is to ensure there is minimal tummy trouble while staying with us!

Make sure to clearly label the food packages with:

First & Last name (of the pup!)

Frequency of feeding

Amount per meal



Please bring any bedding, toys, or treats to help ensure your furry family member is as comfortable as possible!

Please do not bring any food bowls as we have plenty!


4710 Williams Wharf Rd Saint Leonard, 20685 (Calvert Co)


Phone: (410) 586 - 2557

Phone: (866) 907 - 9326

Text: (443) 684 - 1943

Please call, text, or email all reservations and questions!

Thanks for submitting!

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